What We Do

SEPIA Collective is a Los Angeles based artist-run organization founded by Rosalind McGary. Our focus is to engage artists, build community, and empower youth. To this end, we produce dynamic art events, projects and curricula. We work with a range of partners including cities, institutions and not-for-profit groups.


Our Philosophy

We believe art is the practice of exercising the imagination and that imagination is the critical tool for creating limitless futures. Our work utilizes art to create spaces where people come together to build and imagine.

Principal Collaborators

Rosalind McGary is a Southern California based artist whose work explores the emotional layers of Black Womanhood. Rosalind’s work has been featured in solo and collaborative shows at Los Angeles Museum of African American Art, The African American Museum at Oakland, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Hampton University’s Art Museum, Atlanta’s National Black Arts Festival, New York’s Art Expo, and the New York National Black Fine Art Show. Her work is frequently exhibited in galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York and Los Angeles. Rosalind’s work has been featured on network television and in major motion pictures, most recently on FX’s Justified and the most recent season of Scandal.

Susu Attar is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist exploring the space between diasporic memory and the documentation of loss. Referencing family photos, Attar’s work involves re-creating memories of people and places that no longer exist to make works that are at once specific to her childhood, yet imbued with the universality of family life. 

In 2017, Attar curated ICONIC: Black Panther Los Angeles at Gregorio Escalante Gallery for SEPIA Collective. She received a B.A. in painting and conceptual information art from San Francisco State University in 2007 and has exhibited in Delaware, Dubai, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal, and San Francisco.

April Banks is a Los Angeles based conceptual artist, traveler, and the producer of Tea Afar. For over a decade she made art that raised awareness and pointed to the global disparity in food security, farmer's rights and fair trade. Through collaborative experiments and social practice, she now turns her focus to the ways we come together across divides. She has exhibited in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Daytona Beach, New Hampshire, Maryland, New York, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Senegal and Ethiopia. Educated as an architect, she has worked as an exhibition designer since 2000 and now consults on experience design projects. 
aprilbanks.com / teaafar.com